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Northern, Venito

It is important to understand and appreciate the difference between the DOC Prosecco wine produced in the DOC areas of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene from the other Proseccos produced outside the DOC zone. The DOC region, located approximately 30 miles to the north of Venice, encompasses the hills between the villages of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. Here, the soils and the microclimates, combined with the strict DOC laws, make the DOC Prosecco of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene a superior, unique and inimitable wine

DOC Prosecco is the light sparkling wine produced in Italy’s Veneto region. It is made from Prosecco grapes, which are hand-harvested and gently pressed in special stainless steel tanks so that only the free-run juice from the heart of the grape is extracted. Vinification occurs over just 15 to 20 days in stainless steel vats where the juice is kept at a constant cold temperature. From this process several types of DOC Prosecco are created. The most renowned DOC Proseccos are the sparkling brut and extra dry styles, and the Superiore de Cartizze, which comes from a sub-zone of that name. DOC Prosecco is recognizable by its light straw color and delicate fruity aroma and flavor.

Bortolotti Premium 2006 Prosecco $43.99

This is one of the finest Prosecco in Italy, the cream of the crop. Hand selected by the Don himself after drinking hundred of gallons of others. This wine is remarkable for an aperitif and for casual drinking. Another pick by the Chefs. This wine has been a terrific hit everywhere it has been presented,. Anyone can drink this wine with any kind of food.

Bortolotti Sweet Moscato 2005 Spumante $34.99

Light sweetness from fruit forward, melts on our palate. A sipping or desert wine. Distinctively marvelous.

De Conti Prosecco Mappale Brut 2007 Very rare, limited quantity.

From lot 203 in the finest vines of Valdobbiadene, Italy, Prosecco Land. Apricot, dry peach, fruity front with dry Champagne like finish. Superb with a light Italian meal.


De Conti Prosecco Cartizze 2007 Very rare, limited quantity.

From the Cartizze region, center of the finest vines, blended and slightly sweet with dry finish. Fruit forward, peach, apple, lingering lemon, marvelous as an aperitif, or for sipping anytime.


The Piedmont

Mauro Veglio Award winning Italians

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2005 $29.99. Sold Out

Light and refreshing, lots of ripe berry fruit, a forward and fragrant nose, a fresh acidity.

Barbera d’Alba DOC 2005 $36.99

Black cherry, blackberry fruit, black earth with fresh floral aromas.

Barbera d’Alba DOC Cascina Nuova 2003 new barrel aged; $145.99

Top selection aged in oak with spice and floral aromatic perfume.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2004 Angelo, $53.99

Intense ruby color. Fresh aromas of roses and red fruits, medium bodied, round and delicate, uniting the complexity typical of nebbiolo with the pleasing freshness that results from the brief time in bottle and wood.

Barolo DOCG Vigneto Gattera 2001 $133.99

Full body, fine tannins with long chocolate, berry and cedar finish. Regal.

Barolo DOCG Vigneto Arborina 1999- 91 points in Wine Spectator $165.99

Barolo DOCG Vigneto Arborina 2000 - sold out.

Barolo DOCG Vigneto Arborina 2001 $160.99


Stawberries, cherries, minerals with violets, full bodied and long mid-palate finish.

Barolo DOCG Vigneto Arborina 2001 1.5ltr 354.99 per bottle.

Barolo DOCG Castelletto 1999 $155.99

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