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Linsoni Charity Wine Classes

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During each session, you will sample the main varietals from a major wine growing region, learn about the wine making process, and understand the wine terminology. 

You will learn how to taste and evaluate wine, and what food pairings work best with each variety.


Classes include,

Explore the world of wine,

History of the vine,

Various predominant grape varietals,

Wine production,

How to read a wine label,

Wine & your health,

Wine & food pairing techniques,

Wine terms,

Many grape growing regions in the world,

Basics of proper wine tasting.

Beginning and advanced level courses are broken down into terminology that is fun and easy to understand. These courses enhance your enjoyment of wine and your ability to save money by understanding better values in wine.

A world travelor with 26 trips to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America's most famous wine regions since 1981, Don Lampasone is an entertaining and knowledgable Wine Expert who has also experienced the finest retaurants in the world..

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