The Linsoni Story


"Rare wines from around the world." 

The name Linsoni comes from the two names of Donald and Linda Lampasone.  The Lin from Linda, and the soni from the sone in Lampasone. LINSONI is a created name.  Don and Linda Lampasone work together in the Real Estate, Construction and the Wine business

For 30 years Don and Lyn Lampasone have been traveling the world seeking out the finest boutique wines they can find.

"We have seen the hand care these small producers put into their vinyards and wine making.  Hand picking, environmental care, and passion for the best, are just a few reasons we believe our selections are some of the best in the world."

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 In 1998 Linsoni began importing artisian wines from Italy, Switzerland, Australia

and New Zealand.


New Zealand, Martinborough and Wairarapa





Linsoni wine selections are now a private collection not to be found in stores anywhere.

For information on this private collection email Don Lampasone.

290 NE 51 Street, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334; 954 772 1800


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